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ms. blueballs - radioballs

ms. blueballs – RADIOBALLS

€ 6.00

Cassette – C30 – 100 copies

Curious first solo cassette from miss BLUEBALLS. Sailing on the loops of the ‘radiobalise’ and amplifying the unnavigable crumbles that are cinematographically blinded. Second hands and ugly feet on the edge of her exotic RADIOBALLS, divides both sides of this bape with an erratic composition.



SEUL SOUFLE became LUNGFUL DARK, just like that RAINWHISTLE sucked and silenced by the heavier HEAVY RAINLOUD. Yet WEIGHT LIFTING L. is hollowing back to a JULY MADE gown. Now CHAINFOOL I, have taken TURBO NO for an answer, even JAJOBA punched books and fuckfaces. BANG BANG shitting her pants but AN ORAL BREATH and THIS BIRD will lightly lift the clouds. If it wasn’t for the VOODOO SIGH FIN…


‘EMMELER LES TROUS!’ looking from the side, back of her holding shoulder. By LAYING STEEL- MET ALL , ancient yet wet LIPS now, SWALLOW ONESEAMAN, TWOSEAMEN… Not the same, while seeking the same BIXHOUR- GLASSHOUR waist, taken by your knees that won’t hear the sirens nor the BREWERSCALL. Still looking for a sin, a sign of MAASFEET!