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New blood

A new face on Cold Milk: master of Ceremony at Charlois (Rotterdam) based coffeehouse Koffie & Ambacht, visual and performance artist, hard-mouthed opinion maker and self proclaimed Self Indulgent Asshole. Always in battle with his instrument of choice and sound itself. Never a dull moment

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“being on stage @ MiMa doing an interview with my old techno records
the records were set up in their natural habitat
and me selfindulgent asshole interviewed them through the amplifier I love the most”

New Sweat!

Finally, a new tape by Sweat Tongue: Dark Star.

Their first as a foursome!

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(Note: this tape contains the same material as the sold out UK tour tape of last September…)

Cold Milk from another …

New in !

A freshly poured tape from Red Brut released

by the Finnish label Lal Lal Lal.

If you don’t know the label yet, be sure to

check out their other releases as well !